Keizer Chiropractic Care

Keizer Chiropractor CareChiropractic is a safe, drugless and effective way to improve your health and relieve pain using the innate healing systems of your body. It is a complete system of natural healing that involves the examination of a patient, testing the patient to determine diagnosis, and then treatment.

Part of chiropractic treatment involves the placement of a chiropractor’s hands or a chiropractic instrument on different parts of the spinal vertebrae to align the vertebrae. However, other joints in the body besides the spine may also be out of alignment and end up causing pain or other symptoms. Our Keizer chiropractors are trained in how to make chiropractic adjustments to the spine and to the other joints in the body.

If you’ve been involved in an auto injury, you may wonder whether or not chiropractic may be helpful and instrumental in your healing. The extensive training and expertise our Keizer chiropractors have in the musculoskeletal system allow us to deliver effective, evidence-based care. By adjusting the spine, our Keizer chiropractors are restoring the body’s nervous system, which controls every organ system. The spine and nervous system are intimately connected and without a good communication between these two parts of the body, disease results.

Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Care in Keizer, OR

Physical therapy is an integral part of chiropractic treatment for an auto injury, work injury, or any other tissue damage. Keizer chiropractor Dr. Bhasin’s training involved many hours of physical therapy coursework, learning how muscles move, their anatomical position, how to strengthen them, what makes them weakened. Physical therapy also involves the topic of how different disorders of the skeleton affect muscles, tendons and ligaments. Drs. Bhasin, Davidson, and Tajapour have extensive experience in auto injury, how to diagnose them, which ones are most common, and when to refer them out to other health professionals. They also work with other health professionals to offer a complete multi-disciplinary team for your quickened recovery.

When there’s restricted movement in the body, such as in the neck after whiplash injury or other injuries from an auto accident, the pain continues until the motion is restored. Physical therapy may include re-training you on how to walk, sit, stand and lift objects and also teaching you how to do specific exercises that will strengthen your body in the weakened areas so you can heal completely. Our Keizer chiropractors may also use physical therapy modalities such as ultrasound, electrical therapy, cold laser and heat/cold on the area affected by the auto injury.

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