What Conditions Can Your Keizer Chiropractor Help Treat?

Back pain and chiropractic care often go hand in hand. However, a visit to your Keizer chiropractor can treat more than just the pain and discomfort that you may feel in your upper and lower back areas. In fact, a number of conditions and health issues can be relieved with regular spinal manipulations.

How Your Spine Works

Conditions Treated by Chiropractor in Keizer, ORIn order to fully understand how going to Dr. Bhasin, your Keizer chiropractor, can be beneficial, you need to realize how your spine works. The spine is made of several bones (or vertebrae) and each one is separated by a cushion (called a disc). Inside your spinal column is where you’ll find your nerves. These are the fibers that start at your brain and go to the rest of your body, allowing them to communicate with one another like a phone line.

When your spinal column is not in place, your vertebrae or discs can push into your nerves which can stop your brain from effectively communicating with the rest of your body. Although you may feel some pain when this happens, this is not always the case so you may be dealing with symptoms or issues that are back related and not even realize it.

Conditions Your Keizer Chiropractor Can Help Treat

Now that you have a better understanding of how your spine works, you may be wondering what types of conditions your Keizer chiropractor can treat. Here are just a few:

In addition to back pain, chiropractic care with Dr. Bhasin and her team of physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists can also treat neck pain, hip pain, joint pain, leg pain, and headaches.


  • If you’ve been involved in a slip and fall accident or have an auto injury, a visit to your Keizer chiropractor can help you determine the extent of the injury as well as recommend the appropriate course of treatment.
  • Many sports injuries respond very well to chiropractic care, allowing you to get back in the game as soon as possible.
  • Dizziness and vertigo can often be alleviated with regular spinal manipulations.
  • Fibromyalgia sufferers report very positive results after receiving chiropractic care.

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