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We specialize in auto & work injuries in Salem & Keizer areas and offer Award Winning Chiropractic & Physical Therapy treatment for auto and work injuries.  

Auto and Work Injury Insurance usually covers treatment 100%.  If you've been hurt in an auto accident or have a work injury call now: (503) 390-1552.



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Neck & back pain, headaches, whiplash, numbness, sciatica, & pinched nerves are common after a car accident.  Delay in treatment may lead to chronic and & permanent conditions like arthritis and may cause problems with the insurance company.

 We offer Chiropractic treatment, massage and Physical Therapy in a state of the art facility,  with a Digital X-ray machine onsite.  Treating and helping people who have whiplash injuries, neck and back pain, sciatica, headaches, pinched nerves and other health conditions due to auto accidents or work injuries is our specialty.   We have been helping people and providing excellent care to the Salem/Keizer communities for over 25 years.   If we can't help you, we will refer you to the best doctor that can.

You can see a doctor at our office on an Emergency or Urgent basis if you are in a car accident or have a work injury.   Why wait at the Hospital Emergency Room, or an Urgent Care Center when you can see a doctor in our warm and friendly clinic right away.  The doctors and staff  at First Choice Chiropractic bring knowledge and compassion to our patients. 

The Doctors & Staff attend continuing education classes on a regular basis, staying ahead of technology and offer our patients the very best in whiplash auto accident and work injury treatment.   The doctors & staff were awarded two Gold Medals for the Best Chiropractic Clinic and Best Customer Service in the Willammette Valley by the Statesman Journal.

  We work with many medical doctors, Orthpedists, Neurologists, neurosurgeons.  If you need a special test or MRI we will refer you to an excellent facility.  We go the EXTRA MILE for our patients!

Studies have shown that the sooner your begin care after an auto accident or work injury the better the prognosis.  Chiropractic & massage treatment and many other forms of physical medicine can accelerate recovery times and avoid long term chronic conditions, such as degenerative joint disease or arthritis. Studies have shown that many whiplash victims may have pain and develop arthritis or degnerative joint disease years after their crashes that can lead to permanent pain and disability over time.

*Auto Insurance usually covers treatment 100% with Oregon PIP Auto insurace up to $15,000 for each person hurt in the auto accident.

*Work Injury insurance usally covers treatment 100% for valid work injury in Oregon.



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